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a j-lyrics community

歌の夢 ; Uta no Yume: A J-Lyrics Community
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Welcome to Uta no Yume (歌の夢): A J-lyrics community. Here you can post your romanizations and shift-jis lyrics of japanese songs!
When posting lyrics, please have it in this format:
[cd cover]
[lj cut with Shift-JIS (日本語)]
[lj cut with Romaji]

We try to keep updating this community daily with at least 1 piece of lyrics work, so check back often! We also take requests too ^_^ Just send us the lyrics (in japanese preferably) and the song and either gcmoffmoorex or jimmathon will work on them. ^v-v^

If you use the lyrics you find on this journal for your site, please comment or contact the person who posted it and ask for permission ^_^ Romanizing and typing up lyrics is a HARD TASK and you need to compliment them on their work, no?

Any questions, please contact the maintainer!

Maintainer: gcmoffmoorex